Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

RESULTS: 7 Aug 2011 -TriPEI Duathlon Series #4 -Emyvale Sprint and Long Duathlon

Results are up from Sunday's Duathlon in Emyvale PEI:

Photos: Click here for Photos

Elevation Chart of Bike Route for Duathlon. Sprint course 1x loop and Long course 2x loop.

5km run course- Elevation Chart. Long course did it twice.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Saturday, September 10th, 2011- THE GRUNT


The Grunt Endurance Mountain Bike event was created to celebrate the year-end of the Rigid Riders Mountain Bike Club. The race will be held at the Brookvale Nordic Mountain Bike Park (see map link below). This year race organizer and founding Rigid Rider coach Brian Murray is set to make some exciting changes to the event. Traditionally, teams are composed of 3 people including beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. There will also be a solo category for racers wishing to test their grit for the duration of the event alone.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

UPDATE: TriPEI Duathlon Series Now Complete with the Hardest Duathlon left till the last- Emyvale (Results to come)

Update at Emyvale...

Killer of a duathlon course today. A lot of climbing both on the run and the bike (even the transition was a bit of a climb). Beautiful run course through the woods. Pictures can be found on the CPEI facebook page at this link : 2011 EMYVALE DAUTHLON PHOTO

Nevertheless, everyone survived and I'll be walking down the stairs tomorrow with both hands on the railing again this week--Last week I did the 25km trail run in Brookvale and never felt so stiff and sore than any other event I've done. Embarrassing at work when each time you go down the stairs it looks like you're pinching a terd. It was super fun and I can't wait to do another trail run soon.

Anyways I'm going to have the results for this event posted tomorrow afternoon so you can look at transition times bike/run splits etc.

I'd do it tonight; however the paperwork is locked in the trailer till tomorrow ...

NEXT EVENT: Next Saturday Aug. 13-Triathlon By the Sea-Dalvay Beach (click for further details and registration). I'll been waiting all summer for this race!

Congrats to today's participants!

Happy training

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tomorrow Sunday Aug 7, 2011 Emyvale Duathlon

The last of the TriPEI Duathlon series is tomorrow in Emyvale:​941

Come on out. Start time is 10am! There are two distances: Sprint and Long

Great chance to last bit of training in before tampering for Triathlon by the Sea-Dalvay next weekend!

Hope to see many of you tomorrow!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

RACE REMINDER: SAT. Aug 6- Mt Edward Groc. 5mile Run and SUN. Aug 7- Emyvale Duathlon



Mount Edward Grocery Memorial Run 5 Miles

Location: Hashem’s Variety -251 Fitzroy
Registration: 8:00 am – 8:55 am
Start Time: 9:00 am
Distance: 5mile (8km) run
Cost: $10 Adult, $20 Family, Under 16 free

Other Info: First 40-50 ppl registered receives free Asics running shorts.

SUNDAY AUG 7, 2011

TriPEI Duathlon Series #4 –Emyvale

Location: Emyvale Community Center, Emyvale, PE
Registration: 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Start Time: 10:00 am
Distance: Long: 5km Run /40km Bike / 5km Run
Sprint: 2km Run/ 20km Bike/ 2km Run
Cost: $20

Other Info: Prizes and Food/Pancakes afterwards

Still welcoming any volunteers who would like to help out- contact me at or 902-314-1577.

See you this weekend!

Monday, 25 July 2011

RESULTS- Tri by the Bay (I'll fix the formating--still in the states and the internet is spotty where I am)

Super Sprint     
9Alex MacKay00:06:5900:22:3000:10:3300:40:02
2Brandon Higginbotham00:07:5600:24:2900:08:4400:41:09
7William Stewart00:06:4700:24:3100:10:4400:42:02
6Sydney Waring00:11:1200:24:5100:10:0400:46:07
1Laura MacPherson00:08:5900:26:1100:11:0100:46:11
3Sydney Riggs00:10:3300:25:2800:11:0600:47:07
8Shelly Bradley00:13:2400:25:5100:14:0700:53:22
5Christina MacDougall00:12:5000:28:1400:15:4200:56:46
4Rachel Jacksaw00:13:2800:26:5700:16:5600:57:21
106Jody Sanderson00:13:3600:30:2500:19:1401:03:15
115Peter Hammill00:13:5800:32:4700:19:3501:06:20
100Daniel Dorval00:13:2000:32:5400:20:3001:06:44
103Ian Johnston00:14:0200:33:0000:20:5501:07:57
122Arend teRaa00:12:1300:33:4700:22:2301:08:23
127Darcy McCourt00:15:0000:34:3700:19:4401:09:21
126Greg Arsenault00:15:5600:35:0400:19:1701:10:17
114Wes Jacksaw00:14:4700:34:3700:21:5501:11:19
128Kara Grant00:14:1500:37:0600:20:1001:11:31
116Steve Reeves00:13:5600:37:4900:21:1101:12:56
105Larissa Sanderson00:15:0700:36:2000:21:5201:13:19
121Ryan Bradley00:14:2500:36:0600:22:4901:13:20
125Gary Simmons00:17:0100:38:1100:20:0101:15:13
120Ryan Giddens00:14:3100:38:3100:23:1301:16:15
118Gerald MacDonald00:16:0300:38:1100:22:3301:16:47
102Pete Phillips00:17:0900:37:2000:23:1701:17:46
109Chris Silvaggio00:18:0800:36:2800:23:5501:18:31
130Darcy Flynn00:16:0400:41:1500:22:5101:20:10
129John William00:18:5800:38:1200:25:1901:22:29
124Ian Lane00:13:1700:42:0800:27:4901:23:14
107Kim Horrelt00:20:0400:40:1600:24:1201:24:32
123Kirk Bellamy00:19:0100:36:5700:29:1701:25:15
119Arnie Johnston00:23:3200:39:5100:23:5301:27:16
101Lisa Phillips00:17:3400:42:1100:28:0801:27:53
104Phillip Watts00:21:1100:41:3200:26:3601:29:19
111Debbie Greff00:16:1500:47:4700:30:4201:34:44
112Deanna Rowe00:17:0600:46:5700:32:3901:36:42
117Andrew MacDougall00:24:5600:47:0400:26:5901:38:59
110Scott Brooks00:21:1900:49:1200:29:5301:40:24
113Jennifer Novack00:19:1600:51:1500:29:5401:40:25
108Dave Carragher/ Andrew Ing00:24:2500:41:4200:35:2701:41:34